LCC 2017 
 Star Wars Fan Film Entry
   Hi guys..its been awhile, we are now in the month of August. So far up to this point, I was cast into my very first speaking acting role in a web series called " Dawn and the Dead" The premier for this series is September 30th at the Megacon Tampa Comic Convention.

   I'm also in pre production of a Star Wars Fan Film entry for a youtube annual series called the Lightsaber Choreography Contest 2017 ( LCC 2017). This will be my very first entry into this contest that has been around since 2002. I have about 20 actors and about 5 crew members at the moment. 

   We have a location picked already, and a training date set for the 19th and 20th  of August, in New Port Richey, FL. during these dates my 4 martial art choreographers will help train the actors in some basic sword fighting concepts that will look good on camera and hopefully impress the audience.  Stay turned for training videos at the end of this month.
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    Hello, my name is Alfred Cox, I'm the CEO of Ginomai Films Limited .  Ginomai ( Greek Meaning  " to come into existence" pronouned ghin'-om-ahee ) Films Limited is an LLC Independent Film studio based out of New Port Richey, Florida. We are structured on  producing short and feature films that play in local theaters and on Amazon Video. We also shoot still photography. We are 100% self funded and write our own scripts, shoot, edit and produce all of our own content.  Founded December 14th 2014 have 3 years experience. We can be found on several social media platforms and are always looking for work. Give us a chance to make you a star!!!!!
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